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Discover Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift Set (Loose Tea)

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The Discover Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift Set from Jenier contains a carefully chosen variety of delectable fruit and herbal infusions from their health tea collection. A caffeine-free present suitable for any occasion or as an environmentally conscious wellness gift.

All pyramid tea bags are created from plant-based materials and are thus plastic-free and biodegradable. All tea packaging is completely recyclable.

Included in each Discover Fruit & Herbal Tea Gift:

  • 6 Assorted Luxury Fruit & Herbal Teas - Loose Leaf
  • Beautiful Jenier Gift Box with ribbon

Assorted Fruit & Herbal Teas
This collection contains popular fruit teas such as Delicious Berry, Orange & Apple, and Apple Spiced. These teas entice you with their brilliant hue and enchant you with their powerful taste character. They work well as both hot brews and wonderfully cold iced teas.

Three great herbal teas from the Jenier Wellness line accompany the caffeine-free fruit teas, each customised for certain situations and sensations. 'Time Out' is the perfect companion for those peaceful times of relaxation; 'Harmony' instills a sense of balanced peacefulness; and 'More Zest' provides you with the vigour you need to get through the day. Each variety has an own personality that caters to various moods and demands.

Delicious Berry Fruit Tea - Fruity, slightly tart flavour with smooth, natural sweetness.

Orange & Apple Fruit Tea - Full orange and apple flavour with slight tartness.

Apple Spiced Fruit Tea - Crisp, fruity character, slightly sweet with cinnamon finish.

Time Out Herbal Tea - Soothing with lots of camomile and mild liquorice taste.

Harmony Herbal Tea - Mellow herbaceous character with warming, light spice.

More Zest Herbal Tea - Full bodied herbal taste with the sweetness of spearmint.

Loose Leaf Discover Gift Box Contains Pack Sizes of 6 x 100g or *50g where indicated. 

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