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Subscription Tea Orders


It can be really irritating when you want to make a great brew only to find that you've run out, or that you just don't have enough of your favourite tea. That's why we have our subscription tea order option.

When making your tea purchase, you can select when you want us to deliver your next order of your favourite tea. Select any delivery frequency up to six months in advance. You only pay monthly and you can pause, skip deliveries or cancel your subscription order at any time.

And you get discount on selected teas and infusions too!

And because our teas are nitrogen-flushed and vacuum packed, our tea has a shelf life of 10 years unopened, or about 2 years if opened and kept in an airtight and lightproof container.

So you need never run out of your favourite tea ever again!

What do you need to do?

•  Select the purchase option radio button to "Subscribe & save...";

•  Select the delivery option that best suits you - you can always adjust this later;

•  Go through the checkout as normal. Note that unless otherwise specified in the terms of the discount, store discount codes can only be redeemed against shopping carts which don't include items ordered using the subscription order option.

You'll be notified by email a couple of days before your next delivery is due, to let you know it'll be coming and that payment will be taken on the day of despatch.

You can make changes to your subscription order at any time by logging into your store account and then clicking on the "Manage Subscription Orders" button link in your account.

If you have any questions or issues, just contact us using any of the options here.

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