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Black Tea

Different varieties of black teas are the most commonly consumed in the West, where they have become a national tradition in many countries. Black teas are characterised by greater oxidisation than green teas and white teas. Crucially, this gives them their stronger flavour.

A wide variety of black teas are available, all differing in terms of their aromatic qualities and flavours, some subtle, some strong. Black teas can also be taken with or without milk and are often taken with pieces of orange or lemon as per the personal preference of the drinker. This adaptability is part of the appeal of black tea.

Among the more widely recognised varieties of black tea are Ceylon teas, Darjeeling teas, Assam teas, Earl Grey teas and Breakfast teas. However, there are countless other types of black tea that may be more to your taste. It often takes a measure of experimentation to find the tea that is perfect for you.

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