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Discover Green Tea Gift Set (Loose Tea)

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Food giftThe Discover Green Tea Gift Set from Jenier is a luxurious assortment of luxury green teas obtained from renowned tea-producing locations in China and Japan. A perfect present for any occasion or season, as well as an eco-friendly tea lover's gift.

All tea packaging is completely recyclable.

Included in each Discover Green Tea Gift Set:

  • 6 Assorted Luxury Green Teas - Loose Leaf
  • Beautiful Jenier Gift Box with ribbon

Green Tea Variety

  • Japanese Sencha: Begin your tea adventure with Japanese Sencha, a steamed green tea distinguished by its gleaming leaves and traditional Japanese Sencha production process. Smooth, green tea taste with rich flavour and good depth.
  • Jasmine Blossom: Next, try Jasmine Blossom, an enchanting green tea blended with the scent of freshly harvested Jasmine blooms in May, resulting in an intoxicating aroma. Wonderful floral aroma and taste with a refreshing finish.
  • Genmaicha: Have you ever considered mixing popcorn with tea? That is exactly what our Genmaicha tea provides. This traditional tea mixes roasted rice and green tea leaves to create a sweet and nutty flavour. Naturally sweet, toasty flavour with green tea freshness.
  • Lemon & Lime Green Tea: Try our Lemon & Lime green tea for a refreshing change, a combination of zesty lemon and lime chunks accentuated by natural flavourings. Sweet finish with natural lively citrus and lime taste.
  • Summer Strawberry Green Tea: For a lighter option, Summer Strawberry green tea has an exceptionally smooth, rich, fruity flavour - light and refreshing with sweet strawberry notes that works nicely with afternoon tea.
  • Kaika Cherry Flavoured Green Tea: Finally, Kaika Cherry Sencha green tea produces a light-bodied green tea with natural cherry taste and flowery overtones. Fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body.

Quality water is equally as important as tea leaves for a successful brew. Green teas require careful attention to water temperature (not boiling) for best effects. Each tea box comes with optimum preparation guidelines to help you avoid bitterness produced by using water at too high a temperature.

To learn more about this selection of green teas, please click on each tea's name.

Loose Leaf Discovery Gift Set Contains Pack Sizes of 6 x 100g or *50g where indicated.


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